Different types of Heel Pads Shoe Insoles to Prevent Pain

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Different types of Heel Pads Shoe Insoles to Prevent Pain

Even though it is a relatively common problem to have, many people don’t know why they will suddenly have a pain in their heel. Usually the pain is directly under the heel or right behind it. For most people the pain is endurable and it doesn’t last forever. In fact, it usually will disappear as quickly as it came on. But in some cases it doesn’t go away and it becomes a chronic pain.

The heel is the largest of the 26 bones that are located in the foot. It provides support for our body weight and considering that when we walk we are putting the equivalent of 1.25 times the weight of our body on our feet it’s a wonder that they are able to stand up to as much as it does (wikipedia). If you are a runner or a jogger, you are putting almost 3 times your body weight on your feet.

What are heel pain causes?

There are a number of things that cause heel pain. The first place to look is the shoes that we are wearing. Sometimes wearing flat shoes can cause the plantar fascia to become so stretched out that it ends up swollen causing painful heel pads. Symptoms may seem like they are going away but they usually return at night.

Plantar Fasciitis Foot PainSome causes of heel pain include:

Bursitis of the heel can be caused by wearing footwear that is creating pressure on the heel. It can also be the result of landing on your foot too hard. With bursitis you will usually feel the pain at the back or deep inside the heel.

Plantar Fasciitis is the ligament that goes from the heel bone to the other end of the foot. If it gets too stretched out it can become inflamed. The pain usually occurs after you have been standing too long. Many serious runners and joggers get this but ignore the pain because they can’t break their routine. This usually happens with marathon runners.

Thin heel pads can create chronic inflammation; can be a result of being too heavy on your feet.

Tendonitis is associated with the degeneration of the Achilles tendon. This can happen if there have been tears on the tendon that have not been able to heal properly causing the tendon to become weak resulting in heel pain.

What are some remedies for heel pain?

One of the most important remedies for heel pain is straight away not feasible for most working people: rest the foot. Staying off the foot and giving it a chance to heal is helpful but something many people find hard to do, especially athletes. Wearing the right shoes is also important. Wearing old worn out shoes while standing on your feet, walking long distances or running for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your feet and create serious heel pain. There are also a number of products (shoe insoles) on the market by leading manufacturers of quality foot care that can help to ease your heel pain, prevent tired feet by support your foot arch.

HTP Heel Cup InsertsWhere to buy your shoe insoles?

You can buy a pair of new shoe insoles in a shop locally, but most likely you’ll find a lost more new products in the online shops like on the Amazon web-site. The advance of online shopping is that you can shop from your home and have all the time to view and compare the information of the product items. Sometimes you can even get free shipping on your order. You can create a customer account at the online shop web site and you might receive special deals.

Products that provide remedies for heel pain

There are a lot of different types of shoe insoles available:

Heel pads
Heel pads provide a cushion and support relieving some of the pressure that is put on the heel. Dr. Scholl’s has several different options that can help get you back on your feet. Heel cushions and heel cups, both with a massaging gel provide support and the inserts help absorb the constant shock that the heel is exposed to. Medline offers gel heel protector cups as well as many foam-style boots.

Arch support inserts
Dr. Scholl’s has massaging gel arch supports that absorb the shock while supporting the arch. Spenco sells replacement insoles for two different kinds of shoes – regular volume shoes and low-volume and minimal footwear. One style provides poly-sorb cushioning and the other has total support gel. Spenco sells a 3/4 orthotic that provides a more rigid shape and can be easily moved into whichever shoes you are wearing.

Heel Cups
Tuli’s has a patented waffle design on their heel cups to help provide more long term relief form your heel pain. The clear gel adjusts to absorb the shock points on the heel. Spenco has performance gel heel cups that help ease the pain from plantar fasciitis.

Heel Cushions
If you suffer from heel spurs you know how painful it can be. Spenco has cushions that area actually geared for the ball of your foot to help ease the pain. Pedifix also sells a ball-of-foot cushion to help ease heel spurs. Dr. Scholl’s sells heel cushions using their Comfort Massaging Gel Waves. These soft gel cushions in your shoes can help with any discomfort or just general sensitivity in the heel area.

Comfort Insoles
There are many companies that provide comfort insoles. Superfeet products are biomechanically correct and they are created using the principles derived from podiatric medicine. They have comfort insoles for just about every type of footwear you can think of: athletic, dress, business, casual, hiking, skates, ski and snowboard, work boots, juniors, and for healthcare professionals. Spenco has PolySorb total support full length insoles for men and women. They also have firm orthotic arch supports using SpenCore Layer which absorbs shock and provides comfort to the entire foot. Profoot has what it considers the 2 oz. Miracle – a self-molding custom insole that uses Vita-Foam that creates a custom fit to your foot and the memory technology keeps it that way. Powerstep offers their original full length orthotic insole that was designed by a podiatrist. The cushioned orthotic provides full support for your foot and can ease pain in the heel.

Sport Gel Insoles
Dr. Scholl’s has Massaging Gel Sports Insoles that are specially designed to fit into most kinds of athletic footwear, from court shoes to running shoes. They also sell a style that offers extra support for dedicated athletes who perform more athletic activities than most people who just work out on a regular basis.

Heel Cushions
Foot Petals provides women with shoe cushions that can make their fashionable shoes much more comfortable to wear. Many women will sacrifice style for comfort, but Technogel offers 3-dimensional shock absorption keeping the stress off your pressure points. Dr. Scholl’s has a full line of Massaging Gel Heel Cushions for men and women. Spenco also sells thick padded heel cushions using nitrogen-injected materials that give an extra layer to cut down on the impact and help prevent heel pain and ease the problem if you already have it.

Leather Insoles
For men who wear a lot of dress shoes for work they may want to purchase leather insoles. This type of insole is a little more rigid but it does keep your feet odor-free and keeps moisture away. Some men prefer them when wearing more expensive stylish footwear. Leather insoles require some more careful service in order to keep them fresh and good.

Height Increasing Insoles
If you’ve ever wished you could be just an inch or two taller, you’re in luck. There are insoles that can actually increase your height by up to 2 inches. These height increasing insoles raise up the heel but they cushion the entire foot so that you are comfortable and a couple of inches taller. But also if one leg is a bit longer than the other leg, a height increasing insole in one shoe can make a huge difference.

Taking care of your feet

It may sound like simple, but it is really important to take care of your feet before you have problems. Athletes who have a regular routine of running several miles each day don’t want to stop and give their poor feet a rest every once in a while. Women are notorious for torturing themselves and their feet in the name of fashion. Given the choice between a comfortable shoe with no style and a fashionable one with style but no comfort, women will take the hot pair of soft pumps any day.

But the problem is it will all show up in the end. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way when it comes to keeping your feet in tip top shape. The companies that were listed above work diligently to provide quality foot care products to help us ease our pains. They consult with foot specialists and keep working on the latest technology based on the newest products, gels, and shock-absorbing agents. All it takes is a little extra attention and maybe the use of soft gel cushions before you actually need them.

If you are ever in severe pain in your feet, you should consult your physician. If you already have a foot doctor, make sure to see him or her regularly, especially if you are a diabetic. You could end up with peripheral neuropathy which is extremely uncomfortable and can be very painful.

If you are a running athlete, buy a new second pair of running shoes in a shop and change the shoes every running day. Make sure you get proper information and advice on the new shoes in a running specialist shop. The movement and the size of your feet are very important and as a customer at a good running specialist shop you can go for a short run before you buy the shoes and go home. You have to take care of the health of your feet and don’t go home with the first pair of shoes you try on.

If you are a woman, compromise; wear the hot shoes when you go out but bring a spare pair of comfy shoes to slip into the first chance you get. It’s easier to prevent problems in your feet and heels than have to deal with it afterwards.

Coming home after a long day at work or after a good workout, treat yourself to an invigorating foot bath, prop your feet up, and wear comfortable supporting shoes with cushion pad inserts. At the first sign of pain, give your feet a break. If you don’t do it now, you have a high chance of not having a choice later.


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